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Susie CVT

Growing up on a dairy farm in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin, caring for animals was a natural choice for Susie. She remembers always making a beeline out to the barn, eager to assist whenever the vet came to visit with everything from helping vaccinate calves, to handing instruments to the vet during surgery.

Susie has also lived in Madison, Neenah, and now has settled in Hartford. After living in Hartford for six months she’s decided to put down roots. She just recently went through the nerve-wracking process of purchasing her first home there. After graduating from MATC in 1997, Susie took her test and became a Certified Veterinary Technician. She worked in Madison for eight years, and in Neenah for eleven years before coming to us.

Susie shares her life with Jerry, her boyfriend, and a dog and two cats. Eddie is a Yorkie Poo she rescued at only 4 months old. His previous owner was having a hard time getting Eddie to eat, which made neither Eddie nor his owner very happy. The frustrated owner wanted to euthanize Eddie, until Susie convinced them to let her have a go at it. Susie wanted to give Eddie a chance. Bloodwork revealed malnutrition. It took a lot of work, and many diet trials but eventually Eddie started to eat. Now, eleven years later, Eddie is a happy, healthy dog, and Susie’s constant shadow. She calls him her “little man.” Eddie is quite the snuggler, but also snores very loudly when deeply asleep!

Mitzy and Bernie are siblings. The two domestic shorthair kittens came to Susie as fosters when they were only seven days old. After taking the time to hand raise them, Susie fell in love and couldn’t give them up. Susie has a strong interest in alternative medicine, and finding more natural ways to aid in healing. Along those lines she loves to make homemade soaps and lip balms. She also loves reading, spending time with family, and exploring interesting small towns, and antique shopping with Jerry.