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Which dog is right for you?

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So, you have decided that you are ready to add a dog or puppy to your life! Congratulations! A canine companion is a commitment for the life of the dog…

Urinary issues in dogs

| Diseases | No Comments
Urinary problems in dogs can be frustrating for owners and uncomfortable and stressful for dogs. There are many possible causes for urinary issues and determining the cause is crucial in…

What are dewclaws and does my dog need them?

| Procedures | No Comments
Dewclaws on dogs are a non weight bearing toe located a bit higher up than the rest of the toes, and located on the inside of the foot/leg. You could…

Why does my pet need an exam?

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We sometimes get calls from clients asking us to prescribe a medication for their pet’s symptoms without an exam. In so many cases, an exam is necessary and extremely helpful…

Raising a good citizen

| Behavior modification | No Comments
Getting a new puppy is always fun and exciting! You are adding a cute and furry friend to your household that will grow to be part of your family. Remember…

Yay! You are getting a new puppy!

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So, you are getting a new puppy! This is a very exciting time for sure, but also a time when adequate information and preparation will be very helpful. Hopefully you…
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