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Arthritis hope for cats

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As our feline friends age, it is not uncommon to start seeing signs of arthritis. Older cats may become more hesitant to jump up or down, may go more slowly…

Fear free resources for cats

| Behavior modification, Cat behavior, Fear Free Visits, Tips and Tricks | No Comments
Here are some great resources for things you can do at home to help make your cat's veterinary visit less stressful and more fear free! There is also information on…

Fear free training resources for dogs

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It is very common for dogs to resist things like nail trims, ear cleaning and veterinary exams. Dogs do not understand why we are doing these things and react out…

Which dog is right for you?

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So, you have decided that you are ready to add a dog or puppy to your life! Congratulations! A canine companion is a commitment for the life of the dog…

Urinary issues in dogs

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Urinary problems in dogs can be frustrating for owners and uncomfortable and stressful for dogs. There are many possible causes for urinary issues and determining the cause is crucial in…

What are dewclaws and does my dog need them?

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Dewclaws on dogs are a non weight bearing toe located a bit higher up than the rest of the toes, and located on the inside of the foot/leg. You could…
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