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Why does my pet need an exam?

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We sometimes get calls from clients asking us to prescribe a medication for their pet’s symptoms without an exam. In so many cases, an exam is necessary and extremely helpful…

Raising a good citizen

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Getting a new puppy is always fun and exciting! You are adding a cute and furry friend to your household that will grow to be part of your family. Remember…

Yay! You are getting a new puppy!

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So, you are getting a new puppy! This is a very exciting time for sure, but also a time when adequate information and preparation will be very helpful. Hopefully you…

Behind the scenes – the life of a vet tech

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Have you ever thought it would be fun and exciting to be a veterinary technician? Have you ever wondered what a vet tech does all day? The duties of a…

Traveling with your pet

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When traveling with your pet, there are many things to take into consideration. Some pets are great travelers and some get very stressed. Several things to consider when deciding whether…
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