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Helping kitty cope

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In previous blog posts we touched on litter box avoidance and feline enrichment ideas. In this post we will discuss some of the things that can cause stress for cats…

Pets and holidays – keep it safe!

| Dangers to pets | No Comments
Fall is in the air and holidays are around the corner! You may be thinking of fall colors, decorating, Christmas shopping and holiday cheer, but don't forget to give some thought…

Is the cat in the box?

| Cat behavior | No Comments
We sometimes take for granted how easy cats are to train to use a litterbox. Most take to it instinctively due to their desire to cover their urine and feces.…

Rabies and your pet

| Diseases | No Comments
Most people know what rabies is, however not everyone understands the potential risk or how it is spread. Because it is such a serious disease, it is important to know…

Cooperative veterinary care – what is it?

| Fear Free Visits | No Comments
A concept that has been gaining traction in the animal world is “cooperative veterinary care”. This is something that many zoos are starting to use, and basically it means training…

The scoop on poop…..

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Sometimes pet owners ask us why they should have a fecal checked on their pet. Many assume that they would see “worms” in the stool, or their pets would be…
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