Our Fear Free Methods

The veterinary profession is starting to embrace a concept called "Fear Free". Changing our approach and trying new methods can do a lot for many pets in changing their experience at the vet clinic.
Fear Free Certified Individuals
Most of our staff has earned various levels of fear free certification. What works for one animal doesn’t necessarily work for the next & we will be working to find out what works best for your pet.
Getting Creative
Being more creative with tasty food rewards, positioning & restraint techniques, distraction & massage, calming pheromones, & anything else that may create a more pleasant experience for your pet are all part of our Fear Free methods.
The bottom line is - we need your help.
Reducing fear, stress, and anxiety during vet visits is so very important. And with your help we promise to do our best to make your pet’s visit to our clinic as fear free as we possibly can.