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Dr. Jackie Carlson Owner & Medical Director

Graduated from the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004

Dr. Jackie grew up in a small town in Wisconsin called North Cape, located in Racine County. Her family lived next to a horse farm which helped to spark an obsession with horses in Dr. Jackie as a young girl. She eventually took lessons and even showed horses.

Living the rural life, there was never a shortage of barn cats. One kitty that stands out in her memory was a spirited Torti, Funny Face. She lived to be over twenty years old, but due to her repeated forays up onto the garage roof, she definitely used up every one of her nine lives!

Dr. Jackie also spent much of her free time rescuing injured animals and nursing them back to health. She remembers bottle feeding the baby bunnies and mice that the barn cats brought in. Unfortunately, a few of her patients got loose in the house, but at least they were healed!

Attending the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater as an undergraduate, and later the University of Wisconsin Madison Veterinary School, Dr. Jackie has always been a resident of Southeastern Wisconsin. When asked how she became a veterinarian she credits a lot of studying and copious amounts of caffeine. After graduating in 2004, Dr. Jackie joined our clinic.

Once she had been practicing for several years, Dr. Jackie started to see ways in which she could shape the practice, and so she started learning all she could in order to one day take over as owner. On January 1st, 2016, she and her husband, Brian took ownership of Waukesha Animal Hospital. Over time, Dr. Jackie has many plans for the practice. One of her goals is to continue to incorporate more alternative therapy. She recently introduced natural nutritional supplements and laser therapy. In addition to our certification as a Feline Friendly clinic and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) clinic, she is  working on making the clinic Fear Free certified! Some of her future plans include potentially adding ultrasound services.

She loves being a vet because every day is an adventure. She enjoys getting new puppies and kittens off to a good start, helping sick or injured pets, and helping owners take the best care of their pets possible throughout their lives.  Dr. Jackie, Brian, and their two young daughters, Alayna and Harper, welcomed a Basset hound /lab mix rescue named Mavis and a Siberian cat named Pompom. Mavis enjoys coming to work every day with Dr. Jackie and being the clinic mascot.  Pompom enjoys a life of leisure, napping in the sun and enjoying snuggles and treats from the girls.

When Dr. Jackie and Brian aren’t at the clinic fixing something, or doing paperwork (owning a clinic is much like having a problem child – there is always something that needs to be taken care of), they love spending time outdoors with their children, playing, biking, swimming, visiting the zoo or camping. Dr. Jackie also enjoys baking. When time permits, she loves to read or go to the movies.

Very friendly staff and Dr. Jackie spent a lot of time and attention on our initial visit. If you are looking for a vet, check them out!


Everyone is so friendly and sweet to our dog. You can tell that Dr. Jackie really cares about her. We have recommended her to several friends.


Dr. Jackie is so wonderful, she really cares about my cats and their health.

GohrStella & Blitzen

Dr. Jackie treated our pet as if she were her own. She is patient, kind, and the wellness of our pet is her main concern. She and her staff treat our pet in a caring way. We are thankful to have our pets come to your hospital.