Rebecca Mendoza CVT

Rebecca has lived all over Southeast Wisconsin, including West Milwaukee, Greenfield, Franklin, Milwaukee, and Muskego before attending college in Madison. Although she grew up with numerous pets including: cats, geckos, snakes, love birds, turtles, a tortoise, fish, and a bearded dragon, she didn’t realize the connection she had with animals until a career path field trip in high school.

After graduating from high school, she completed a Veterinary Technician Associates Degree. Following several summer internships she joined our clinic in 2012. She also passed her exams and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2012. What she enjoys most about her job as a CVT is watching pets grow, and being able to aid in providing pets with the best quality of life possible. It brings her a special sense of achievement to be able to take part in solving a medical problem and helping to make a sick pet feel better.

Rebecca loves to camp and travel. She recently took a road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado where she was able to hike some amazing trails. She, along with her husband, José, currently live with a cat named Quil. Quil loves to cuddle or solve food puzzles, and is always there to greet Rebecca when she comes home. Rebecca fondly remembers when Quil was found on a farm, with a permanent kink in his tail and so tiny he could fit in the palm of her hand.