Michelle CVT

As far back as Michelle can remember, she’s had a love of animals and has always known that she wanted to take care of them in some capacity. For her 12th birthday Michelle received Angel, a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix. Her family also had several outdoor cats named Razz, Cleopatra, and Tiger.

Michelle started her journey by donating her time at Humane Societies in the area. After volunteering for almost two years, she was hired as an Animal Caretaker. She would take in, clean, care for, and medicate the pets that came through the shelter. She also assisted in placing them in loving homes. After working at a vet clinic to get some hands-on experience, Michelle enrolled and then completed her Veterinary Tech Degree at Madison Area Technical College.

As a Certified Vet Tech, Michelle has a range of jobs here at Waukesha Animal Hospital including: assisting with appointments, surgeries, and dental’s, administering vaccinations, drawing blood for lab tests, and performing laser therapy. Her favorite part of being a CVT is getting to meet new people every day and explore the special bond between an owner and their pet. She finds it very rewarding to discover what she can do to help a pet with a medical need.

When not working hard as a vet tech, Michelle enjoys reading, hiking, horseback riding, going out for Mexican food with her boyfriend, and watching the Packers (of course!)
Although Michelle just moved to Waukesha this year, she spent all of her life with her parents, and 9 brothers and sisters growing up in Erin, Wisconsin. Add in her 16 nieces and nephews, and her brothers’ dogs Winnie and Kimber, and family get-togethers are a riot!