Lindsey Nusser

Lindsey started as a Customer Service Representative with Waukesha Animal Hospital, but now also works as a Veterinary Technician Assistant, with the goal of eventually moving up into a management position. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, she’s lived in Wisconsin since she was young.

She worked as a kennel assistant at the age of 15. After graduating high school, she originally enrolled into a nursing program, but after clinicals quickly realized her heart was set on helping and caring for animals. She then enrolled in the animal science program at the University of Minneapolis, where she learned a lot about large animals as well as small.

Lindsey grew up with a German Shepherd, Zeus, and an orange tabby cat, named KiKi. Later she had several parakeets and now loves and cares for Mouse, who despite being a Jack Russell Terrier, is actually a bit of a couch potato. He does however, have little dog syndrome, and barks at anything and everything.

Besides animals, Lindsey enjoys nature, hiking, backpacking and being outdoors. Music and art are also important to her. She loves to paint and was involved in the National Art Honor Society. She also collects old vinyl records, especially Led Zeppelin.