Linette never imagined working in the veterinary field, but when the clinic was looking for another Customer Service Representative, she was excited that she was given an opportunity that as she says, “most can only dream of.”  As one of the “front desk ladies,” she loves to greet folks and their pets and do what she can to help the technicians and doctors do their job. She finds that she thrives in an environment where her job is different each and every day.

Working here also gives Linette inspiration for one of her many interests. She’s a talented artist who works in multi-media. One of the areas that she excels at are painting portraits of dogs. In addition to art, Linette enjoys cooking and baking, and loves trying new recipes. She’s an avid gardener of Calla Lilies, Siberian Iris, and Peacock Orchids.  Her other outdoor love is kayaking. Many a weekend will find her, and her husband Troy, enjoying local waters.

Although born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, Linette, Troy, and their son Aaron, moved to Wisconsin in June of 2009. They now call Oconomowoc home.

And if all that didn’t impress you, Linette holds multiple certificates and degrees in computers, communications, data management, graphics, and holds an AAS degree in Mechanical Design.