Karen Vanderlinden

Karen’s relationship with Waukesha Animal Hospital actually began in 1979 as a client. In 2014, when a position for a Customer Service Representative opened up, she was thrilled to join the staff.

She came to us with an extensive customer service history working as a travel agent for twenty-one years, for a home builder for eleven years, and in automotive leasing for four years. She is also a Reiki Master and runs a dog sitting service out of her home. Combining her customer service skills with her love for animals was a perfect match. She appreciates all aspects of client care from welcoming new clients and pets, to comforting them when it’s time to say goodbye. A graduate of Waukesha South High School, she’s always lived in Southeastern Wisconsin. She and her husband Paul have four Shih Tzu fur babies.

Leeloo is the “The Queen.” At twelve years old, she’s elevated laziness to an art form. Gimli is “The Psycho.” She’s a very sweet girl unless there is thunder, fireworks, or you touch her feet to cut her nails. They call Aziz, “The Kitty Cat,” because he doesn’t like to be held, but wants to climb up into Karen’s lap and claim her. Buliwyf, pronounced Bull-vye, is “The Sweetie Pie.” He loves everyone and is a little ray of sunshine. They were most recently joined by an American Singer Canary named Sunny.
When not being the “groupie” to her drummer husband and his band, Karen likes reading, and more notably collecting exotic Lunch at the Ritz jewelry.